Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) is pleased to announce a new partnership with FlourishDx, a provider of digital mental health tools focused on illness prevention and wellbeing optimisation for global employers.
About FlourishDx
FlourishDx empowers global organisations to take a preventative approach to employee mental health through use of digital tools and services that help to improve mental health outcomes. FlourishDx provides mental health and sleep health video content, and a dynamic software platform to help employers and employees work together towards optimal mental wellbeing outcomes. With ISO 45003: Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace on the horizon, FlourishDx is committed to continue to evolve to assist employee-focused clients adopt this important standard
“FlourishDx is focused on the global prevention of mental illness, and the promotion of mental wellbeing. GEB’s impressive global network will help us to address a worldwide issue on a highly meaningful scale.”
Jason van Schie, Founder and Managing Director FlourishDx
“GEB’s new partnership with FlourishDx will provide our clients with access to discounted digital tools and services to help them support the mental wellbeing of their global workforce.”
Daniela Masters, Head of Health & Wellness Programmes, Generali Employee Benefits
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